About Us

Hello! My name is Craig Miller, and I own the Strike Pest Control Company. I have 45 years of experience in pest control. We offer traditional as well as green eco-friendly treatment programs.

I started by working for one well known company for 2 years, then worked for another company for 13 years. For the second company I specialized in commercial accounts which are considerably more complicated than residential work!

I ventured out on my own after getting my California operator's license in 1984. I named my company Strike Pest Control and my slogan has been "we zap 'em". Since then, I have given my all to developing a business I could be proud of.

My goal was to give the best, honest, affordable, reliable, quality service that gets results, that I could possibly provide. I feel I've done that ever since for thousands of customers like yourself in thousands of homes like yours. We're bonded, insured and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You'll be happy you chose us!



More about me...

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. My parents moved to Porterville when I was eight. I went to elementary, junior high, and then graduated from High School in Porterville. I then went on a church mission for two years in British Columbia, Canada, which was a great experience.

When I got back, I went to college for two years but couldn't find what I wanted to do for a living. At that time I wanted to get married and needed a job and got one in pest control and have been there ever since. I have four sons and one daughter (two sets of twins!) and fourteen grandchildren. 

Did you know that Eco Strike Pest Control is my son Brandon's own business?  We have worked together to come up with programs that offer what we feel are the best programs available for using green and traditional Pest-control treatments. Brandon has been very successful in his own right and it's great to see your own son doing so well in a profession that has been so good to me too.

For recreation, I like snow boarding, paragliding and riding ATV quads -  things that help keep me feeling younger than I am.  I am active in church and grateful for the values it has ingrained in me of honesty and the "Golden Rule".