Integrated Pest Management

Even though there has been many breakthroughs in the pest control industry over the years, many people prefer not having any chemicals in their home for pest control. The products that we use now are nothing like the products that were used a long time ago.  The pest control products in the past included carbamates and organophosphates which have been linked to children having ADHD.  A lot of these organophosphates have been banned and are no longer being used by pest control companies.


Greener products being used in the pest control industry today consist of organic, inorganic (such as boric acid) or of natural origin materials such as rosemary, wintergreen, eugenol and other oils.  These pest control products are formulated to act as insecticides.  They are usually of much lower-risk than the synthetic pest control products a pest control company usually utilizes.  Some of these products are designed for only one pest.  Examples of these are baits and Insect Growth Regulators that keep pests from reproducing or moving to the next stage in the life cycle.    

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a new approach in the pest control industry.  In the past, pest control exterminators would constantly put down pesticides over and over again trying to control the pests.  These exterminators would end up killing the unwanted pests and unintentionally often the beneficial pests and often did a lot more harm than good.

IPM utilizes some basic principles for pest control management.  These consist of Setting Action Thresholds, Monitoring, Identification, Prevention and Control.  Setting Action Thresholds consists of knowing what an infestation is and not just spraying everything based on finding only one insect.  Monitoring is the cornerstone of IPM.  This involves regular observations of pest activity and keeping a record of it.  Prevention and Control involves knowing the pests habits and harborages.  For example, If a customer cuts down a tree limb touching the house it will prevent an ant from using that limb to enter the home.  Or if a homeowner puts the proper weather stripping on their garage, mice will not be able to come in.    

Our pest control products only need to dry and then they will not pose an immediate hazard.  Our trained staff is continuously receiving education about the products we use.  The pest control technicians will go over any questions or concerns you may have before applying our products.  Our first priority is the safety of our customers and their family.