I am currently a client of Strike Pest Control for my home in Coarsegold. Craig is very professional and considerate in notifying us when he will be spraying the exterior area of our dwelling. We have used other pest services in the past that were inferior to the service Strike provides. I also have a 3 unit apartment building in Fresno that had roaches brought In from one tenant that quickly spread to all three units. Strike worked with my tenants and cured the problem quickly. They are great.
— Jim B
I’m afraid of insects. Ants, black widows, silver fish, cock roaches, you name it. About three years ago I had a bad ant problem at my house. My sister, who lives in the country told me that she was very happy with her pest control service. I took her advice and contacted Strike Pest Control the very next day. Since calling Strike Pest Control, my house and property have been 99.9% insect free. I think what sets Strike Pest Control apart from other companies is that they not only spray around the house but they also spray in the pool shed, around the pool, around trees, near bushes, around patio furniture and other areas that insects like to occupy. In short, they don’t cut corners. Their service is superior and their rates are reasonable. My family will be moving across town in the next few months. Before calling my internet and satellite providers to transfer service to my new residence, the first call I will be making is to my “bug guys” at Strike Pest Control!
— Robert W
We are very satisfied with the service we get from Strike Pest Control. We have dogs and they always call the night before to let us know they are coming. Craig is alway on time and does a super job. We would highly recommend Strike Pest Control.
— Sally and Gary K
I’ve been a customer of Strike for several years now. There has been a night and day difference between our pest situation before and after we hired Strike. Keep up the great work!
— Greg M
Eleven years ago we moved into our home which we purchased from friends. The day we took possession we noticed a hoard of spiders claiming our home as their own. Luckily our neighbor was home and we had her send over her “Pest Control” guy before our furniture arrived.
Craig was able to spray the perimeter of our home, inside along the baseboards and all of our cabinets. Needless to say we have never had a spider or cobweb since day one. We once had an ant issue when things got really dry, but Craig remedied that right away.
We have been very pleased with the service we have received from Strike and will continue to use and recommend their services whenever possible.
— Karen V
We have been customers of Strike Pest Control for 8 years. They offer top-quality service with reasonable rates and detailed attention to customer satisfaction. They receive a 5-star rating from us.
— Gene and Darlene U
We’ve been very happy with strike pest control. Craig is friendly and we trust him to take care of all our pest control needs. He came highly recommended an we recommend him to all our friends.
— Ryan D
We have been using Strike Pest Control for over ten years now. They have been wonderful and their fees are the best I have run across after hearing what my neighbors pay. They are very conscientious with our dog and cat and helped us immediately when we discovered some wood we had brought into the house had brought a couple of bugs with it. They were right on it. They are the best!
— Gaye L
We have found Craig Miller of Strike Pest Control to be professional, dependable and very pleasant. He really cares about the service he provides to his customers.
— Elaine G
We’ve noticed a huge difference since having Strike Pest control come out. Craig always keeps us well informed and checks in on us to see if we need anything or to see that things are looking good. Always a thorough job!
— Boz & Maegan M
We have been with Strike for almost 7 years. I have to say Craig has done a fantastic job for us. He is always very thorough and is willing to spray unwanted ant hills when they pop up. We don’t know what we would do without him. He is the best!
— Steve & Charmaine W
We would like to thank you for your many years of consistent, effective service. We appreciate your always being on time, consideration for our pet and your concern for the environment (specifically, our bees!) It is a comfort knowing we don’t have to worry about insects inside our home!
— Steve & Helen Y
Early last year, we had an infestation of cockroaches and ants. Craig came out and sized up the problem. The next day he came out and sprayed. Within 3 days, they were gone along with some spiders. Craig always calls and tells me the approximate time he will arrive. We are very satisfied with his service.
— Lonnie S
Strike Pest Control has been our pest service for many years now. Simply because they are the best. We have tried many before, but never again. Again, Strike is simply the best. They are conscientious of our pets, service is great, their knowledge the best and cost fair. We haven’t had pest problems that could not be handled by Strike. Thank you Strike for your excellent service.
— Deanna T
We are extremely happy with Strike Pest Comtrol’s prefessional service. I lived in Yosemite Lakes Park for 5 years with many different pests. Whenever I had a concern about spiders, ants or even mice/lizards, they came out immediately and solved the problem without an extra fee. I mave moved to Madera Monadelle Ranchos and Craig is keeping this home pest free as well. I highly recommend Strike Pest Control services. They get the job done.
— The L Family
Prior to using Strike Pest Control, we used a national brand company. Strike tailors their service for our specific concerns. I have found their work to be both superior and more affordable. I highly recommend Strike Pest Control.
— Laurence W
We have used Craig’s services, Strike, for almost 10 years. We find him very dependable and does a great job. If a problem occurs, he is right here to resolve it. We would recommend him to everyone.
— George & Rose H
We are very pleased with the regular (on-time) service that we have been provided. We also appreciate the perk of the special treatment available when we have our outside BBQ.
— Bill B
We have been very satisfied with the service we have received from Strike Pest Control for the last five years in Coarsegold. We continued the service with Craig when we moved to Fresno. He is honest and reliable.
— Barbara S
Strike Pest Control has provided me with exceptional, reliable, and affordable service for over 10 years. I recommend his services to all my friends and family.
— Garry W
Greg and I would like to thank you for your attention to detail and impeccable service we have been receiving for the last three years. We originally called you because we were using another Pest company that had left our gate open twice and our dogs were found wandering. It was out of their negligence that we have the best Pest Control Service provider, we feel, for the mountain communities. We appreciate the prior call of confirmation before service and your availability to make sure no additional pest issues occur between our monthly service call.
We recommend your service with high regard for anyone.
— Greg and Leslie N
Excellent service! Craig always call the evening before to let you know he is coming and checks to see if you have any additional areas you want sprayed. He writes on your invoice the pest control product he used that day. If it is a rainy day, he uses the appropriate product that is effective in that kind of weather. Uses pet safe products.
My house has covered porches on 4 sides of the house. I never have to worry now about spiders dropping down on me.
— Hilary S
If you have a pest problem, Craig is the one to call. I no longer have spiders and spider webs on my porch and patio. The rat family that moved into my attic are all gone, and the woodpecker who was making sawdust on my facia board has moved on. Craig is reliable, knowledgeable and friendly. I don’t know how I survived before calling Craig.
— Bev F
We have used Strike Pest Control for a number of years and are extremely satisfied with their service. Craig (owner) will take the time to answer any questions and will do extra work if we have a problem between scheduled services. He responded quickly when we had a major emergency. I highly recommend Strike.
— Dave N
From a homeowner’s point of view, Strike makes it super easy to keep the creepy-crawlers outside where they belong.
— David D
A thorough and professional job.
— Ellen S
I have had great service from Strike Pest Conrol for the last 8 years.
— Bart N
My son Sean got me hooked. I always tried to do my pest control by myself. It didn’t work. Craig has been awesome. Always taking care of problems that arise. I’m very pleased.
— Sean's Mother
I can’t say enough good things about Strike Pest Control
From day one, Craig Miller the owner has been so professional, so kind and truly concerned about making sure our needs are met at our place of business as well as our residence. Strike Pest Control goes above and beyond doing extra little things that make all the difference. I use to spend an average of an hour or more, once a week, if not every other week, knocking down cob webs at both locations and that was after having the locations sprayed by another service provider. I can’t remember the last time I had to do so since Strike Pest Control took over.
I enjoy telling perspective customers, how much I appreciate the service Strike Pest Control provides, knowing that new customers won’t be disappointed.
— Dan W
1. You do a great job! No bugs! Yeah!
2. We appreciate the phone call.
3. Your kindness is appreciated.
4. Very satisfied now, have had 2 previous spray companies.
5. Will always refer you.
— Janie G
No woman wants to fight an ant invasion in her kitchen and house. Strike Pest Control got rid of them and I haven’t seen an ant since I started the service three?? years ago!
— Marilyn G
My husband and I first started using Strike Pest Control several years ago. I continue to use Strike because I always had had very good service. I am very satisfied with the service I get. I highly recommend Strike Pest Control.
— Joyce B
Strike Pest Control has been our choice for “bug service” for over ten years. The possibility of pest infestation here in the hills is high, which has been well controlled. Strike Pest has provided consistent, high quality service. We highly recommend them! Thank you for the friendly, dependable service.
— Jenny B
My Husband and I are very pleased and happy to have Strike Service available to us. We moved from Los Banos to Coarsegold, CA in the year 2005. My Husband made a call to have an estimate to provide services for us. We were pleased with his service. He has been with us for 10 years.
Strike Pest Control made us feel welcomed to this community. We are grateful to have him as our service provider. When we would call for service, he was always been on time. Gave us information on how to deal with certain insects and showed us several bad insects on paper with all the bugs that can accumulate as well as spiders, even the deadly ones. And the ones that would not harm our animals.
Thanks for this opportunity to share with Strike Pest Control Service!
— The B Family
Living in the city of Fresno, I had plenty of friends who had a pest control company that they used. They always had a complaint about the bugs, (especially ants) never going away and the extra service calls they had to make. When moving up to the Coarsegold area, I was very leery of the prospect of living with bugs (ants/spiders) and dealing with these same pest control companies. I NEVER should have worried. My guy, Craig Miller and his company, Strike Pest Control, was the best decision I ever made. Not only is Craig dependable, affordable and very conscious, I don’t have any bugs. I have recommended Craig Miller and his company, Strike Pest Control, to all of my friends and family in the mountain, Clovis, and Fresno area. They couldn’t be any more pleased than I am. I will never use another pest control company. I will continue to recommend Strike Pest Control company to anyone who needs to get rid of the pesky bugs.
— Nancy V
Craig has been doing the pest control for our 5 acre property with two houses for almost 2 1/2 years now and I couldn’t be happier with the job that he does for us. He is always here when he says he will be and we never have any troubles with any sort of pests. We have had other pest control companies in the past in our other homes and no one has been as reliable or as competent as Craig has been. We cannot recommend his services highly enough.
— Sherrie H
We highly recommend Strike Pest Control. Craig has gone above and beyond in his care of our home and property. He addresses our concerns and we could not be more pleased with his professionalism.
— Ron and RoseAnn E
It’s nice to no longer encounter ants, widows and scorpions. That much I expected. The extras are the pleasant surprise; ridding my myrtle of a zillion flies, my chaise free of no-see-ums, and the occasional ant trails around my BBQ quashed. Thanks for all of the above and beyonds that you do.
— Doreen B
We had black widows as large as the end of your thumb lurking around our house until Strike came to our rescue. Thank you so much.
— Marian R
We have used Strike Pest Control for years and always been satisfied. Our service man, Craig, has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of my child and pets. I’m happy to say our home is pest free, if ever we are invaded Craig is just a phone call away.
— The R Family
We have been totally pleased with the service that Craig has provided in keeping our home pest free ever since we moved to the area 2 1/2 years ago. His rates are very reasonable and he takes time to advise me about certain pests and/or problems. Rarely, if ever, have I experienced such proficient service with so much integrity. Craig is a find!
— Christy O
Craig is a super “bug guy”. He is thorough. We have not had bugs since he has been debugging our house.
— Mr and Mrs Jack T
I hate bugs! I love Strike! 12 years. My longest relationship with any man! Takes care with my animals. Reliable and always available. Great guy, great service.
— Diane W
My husband and I would just like to say, that we have just been thrilled with the job done by Craig Miller at Strike Pest Control. He is very professional and still very friendly and down to earth. We have had questions over the years regarding one pest or another (ants, meat bees, wasps, just to name a few) and he has always listened to our concerns and then proceeded to deal with and manage the problem. We can rely and trust Craig and we have enjoyed getting to know him over the years! Thanks Craig for a job well done!!
— Steve and Sue R
Strike is great. Very friendly and shows up when they say. If there are any problems between services, just call and they come right out. Great service and great price. Thanks.
— Penny J
Great service; great people. Knowledgeable, polite, friendly, and very willing to go the extra mile to make you happy. They gave us a good price, a good recurring plan, and I’d highly recommend Strike.
— N W
We have been blessed to have your service. Thank you.
— Linda V
We have been with Strike Pest Control for over 10 years and have been extremely satisfied with “professional” service they have provided to us.
— Ann
I have been a satisfied customer with Strike Pest Control for some years now. I have four different homes all serviced by them and have never had a problem with service or infestation of any kinds since I started with Strike Pest Control.
— Bruce P
Prompt. Courteous. Attentive to Animals. Beautiful Personality. And above all, I have no insects. I would recommend him to 1000 people and not one would be unhappy.
— V L
I have used Strike Pest Control for several years and I would highly recommend them. They are very reliable, efficient, and trustworthy. They go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied.
— Steve F
Excellent, reliable, friendly, and quality service. Reasonably priced. I highly recommend “Strike”. They excel in customer satisfaction consistently!
— Fred S
Craig and the crew at Strike have been keeping unwanted pests away from our home for almost 10 years. They are always thorough and professional, and they take great care to assure that our dogs are in a safe place before spraying.
— Terry and Laurie F
Living out in a beautiful and rural area presented us with a unique problem. It’s “Us” vs the “Pests”. Our home was like an oasis for bugs and critters. Creepy things like black widows, scorpions, and mice. Over 10 years ago we called “Strike Pest Control” to help us out. Craig came out with his friendly personality and set us up on an economical monthly maintenance plan. He and his son Brandon always to out of their way to ensure that all of the pests are eradicated. Thanks Strike!
— Anthony B & Family - Pest Free in Ahwahnee, CA
Punctual! Always covers the bird feeders, pet water dishes and move the Bar B Ques. Sprays all around the house and garage and under the house, too. We are pleased to use Strike for our pest control.
— Ray C
When we first moved to this area ten years ago, there were several creepy crawly things we kept finding around the house. We liked Strike Pest Control and that was the last of those guys. Craig is prompt, courteous, always makes sure pet bowls are picked up, etc. We have been very pleased with their service.
— Homeowner