Top 10 Tips

  1. Bugs are attracted to the water in your house. Keep the kitchen and bathrooms especially clean.
  2. Keep the weeds down around your home. Bugs like to hide in them.
  3. In the garage, keep an eye on any droppings, or debris used for nests. 
  4. In the pantry, don't keep a large amount of dried pet food on hand, as pests are attracted to this. 
  5. Roaches primarily come in through the sewer, so look for them at sewer accesses. They also like to hide out in the garage, so hunt for them at night. 
  6. To control dog fleas, the best way is preventative: use a flea/tick treatment on your pets. The fleas usually come in the Spring.
  7. The water in your pool area will attract ants. Watch out for movement of dirt by ant activity.
  8. If you have a vegetable garden, do not spray within 10-20 feet of your garden as the root systems will transport chemicals to your garden. If there are pests, use baits instead.
  9. The tiny thin German roaches go to the kitchen and bathrooms first. You can check for them in the middle of the night.
  10. Black Widow spiders usually start their nests at your fence support beams. You can look for hard, sticky webs in these areas. The worst months are August and September.