Traditional Pest Control

Pest control practices as well as pesticides have developed over time. The pesticides have evolved from using DDT and Chlordane (Chlorinated Hydrocarbons) to Organophosphates, and Carbamates to synthetic Pyrethroids, which are the majority of the materials we use presently in our traditional application treatments.

Synthetic Pyrethroids are man made formulas derived from the all natural pyrethrin plant derivative. The residual or lasting effect on previous products were considerable longer than those we use now. To compensate for the loss of longevity, some of the pyrethroids have been encapsulated to extend their residual. This allows a slow release without increasing their strength.

We have come up with a combination of products that enable us to have a good control for a two month span. We have tested our mix for the last four years and have achieved great results on a bi-monthly (every other month) program. The results are virtually the same as a monthly service.

We don't charge any additional fee on our initial service as most companies do. We simply charge $60 for homes up to 2500 square feet, 6 times a year with a one year minimum service agreement. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our "green" or environmentally friendly service program is also available. We even have a combination program that offers the best of the two worlds where we use traditional products in the hot summer months and use green products during the winter services. This lessens the use of traditional materials use around your home. Or, we can give you an all green service.

We mix up individual batches of spray for each house we service; so you get precisely what you ask for in your pest treatment program. We feel we offer the best overall options available for your pest solutions.